Letter to the Guardian (October 2015)

Dear Editor

In their recent letter of 22nd October, some British artists call for ‘cultural bridges’ , a continuation of the status quo in our relationship with Israel. This disregards the reality of the long-planned and relentless Zionist project of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Decades of dialogue, trade and diplomatic support for Israel have done nothing to restrain its expansionist and repressive policies. Palestinians’ movements are ruthlessly controlled by the military and by armed settlers. In the light of clear evidence of vigilantism, extra-judicial executions, collusion between racist mobs and security forces, the lethal employment of ‘tear-gas’, imprisonment without trial and the arrest, detention and abuse of children, we call for an immediate end to all attempts at normalising this anti-democratic and racist ethos which is completely antithetical to any respect for human rights and anti- discriminatory principles.

Teresa Bailey
Martin Kemp
Mohammed Mukhaimar
Eliana Pinto
Adrian Worral

UK-Palestine Mental Health Network